Keep Your Furry Friend Safe While On Stride – Tips For Preventing Pet Risks During Walks With Your Dog

Make March 30 a day to remember by celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry companion! Just make sure you take some extra precautions when traversing the park, as there are certain hazards that may put your dog at risk. Be mindful of such issues on your stroll and enjoy quality time together.

#1: Traffic

As you stroll to the park, be vigilant of any approaching vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians. Be sure your pet is always within arm’s reach to prevent potential accidents from occurring. A free-range animal on a retractable leash may abruptly run into traffic, trap by-passers in its grip, or snap the lead if it spots a squirrel nearby and decides to give chase – so keep them close!

#2: Other dogs

When you are out walking your pet, be sure to keep a vigilant eye out for other dogs that may try to approach and startle yours. An accidental encounter with an unruly dog could lead to disaster if either animal gets reactive or manages to break free from its collar. Even friendly off-leash pooches can become intimidating threats in the eyes of your pup when they bound up joyfully for interaction – so make sure you pay attention! Keep both pups relaxed by monitoring their body language closely, and if possible avoid parks during peak hours when large packs of unleashed dogs gather together.

#3: Parasites

Make sure your furry friend is safe from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites that flourish in park environments. Give them the best protection by administering year-round preventives and always check for hidden pests during their nose-to-tail inspection when you get home.

#4: Wildlife

As your pup investigates the park with their nose, they might find wildlife burrows and nests that are best left alone. Wild animals can become aggressive to protect their young, food source, or home when humans and pets get too close. Furthermore, wild animals often carry diseases and parasites which is why it’s safest not to disturb them during your strolls in nature.

If you and your pet explore the great outdoors together, make sure to give them a comprehensive wellness appointment with our team for protection against infectious diseases and parasites. Schedule their preventive care today for peace of mind!