Internal Pet Medicine

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Internal Pet Medicine in Bristol, VT 05443

Your pet’s health includes having healthy functioning internal organs. These organs can become diseased or damaged due to injury or hereditary factors. Veterinary internal medicine is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s internal organs.

Being inside the animal’s body, damage and other symptoms of diseased or injured internal organs are often not visible. Plus, our pets are unable to alert us when they are suffering pain or other symptoms of internal organ problems. This is why periodic head-to-tail preventive care exams and good nutrition, especially in the case of older pets, are an important part of ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet.

Thanks to advances in modern veterinary medicine, we have numerous ways to diagnose and treat internal organ problems in pets. We also have equipment like the endoscope that enables us to examine and view an animal’s internal organs in a non-invasive way. Our diagnostic tools and procedures, along with state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, make it possible to monitor and diagnose what is happening medically inside your pet without having to resort to exploratory surgery.

At our sister hospital, our internist, Dr. Ellen Foster, has specialized training and capabilities to help diagnose and treat critically ill pets. She is available for consultation or referral.